The Classic you Probably Never Heard of: Banjo GT

The Banjo GT sports car is considered a super rare classic piece of automobile that was manufactured over a short period of time. Models were designed and built between the years 1968 – 1970 in Mineral City, Ohio USA and with reports of no more than 15 were produced. It is not entirely certain the number that exists in the world today however the classic sports car known as the number 4 Banjo GT Coupe was extensively restored between 2005 – 2007 before being car transport to Germany in 2009 where it went on for further cosmetic repairs and now sits with a German collector.

The original Banjo GT sports car brochure can be seen here courtesy of Geoffrey Hacker and Alden Jewell . As we can see that the car’s body is made from fiberglass and was available as a Coupe and Cabriolet. The Chevrolet frame between the years (1966-1957) formed the basis of the Banjo GT including Chevy door hinges laminated in the body and doors at the factory.  The engine bay can be seen with a 401 Buick and a 289 Ford installation, windscreen modified from a 1962 – 1963 Dodge or Plymouth. The Banjo GT body was comparable in size to the Corvette and the design was intended to home large American V8s.

In brief, the original brochure mentions ‘the Banjo GT coupe is a design which will attract the attention wherever you may drive’, it is welcoming for all sports car fans and automotive enthusiasts around the world that this little piece of history, the Banjo GT #4 has been fully restored to its former glory and can be appreciated by the wider motoring community.